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What is NoMoreMCN?

NoMoreMCN is a social video/audio rights management service.

NoMoreMCN will,
  • guard
  • license
  • administer
  • monetize
  • collect
advertising and subscription revenue generated by audio/video uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (and more – coming soon).

What are the terms?

This is a service with standard terms.

We only provide customer service via email within 24 hours.

NoMoreMCN can provide marketing, distribution and video related services, please contact for your inquiries here.

How much does it cost?

Service is free to join.
We charge a small fee for each content (10$/sound recording) and retain a 10% administrative fee for earnings that accrue from claims made with tracks you have uploaded to our platform.

A typical MCN will charge %25-%50 commission from your claims.

What sort of content is eligible the service?

You must have the proper rights for us to work with you.
Those rights are;
  • exclusive copyright ownership or
  • exclusive administrator of platform monetization rights
Additionally, sound recordings submitted should be original, unique, and distinct, and must not contain any open or unlicensed samples, sound effects, sound bites, beats, royalty-free music, or the like.

Examples of ineligible content can be found here.

How do I get paid?

We pay on a monthly basis. We will automatically deposit your royalties into your bank account on the last day of the month.

How much will I make?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to estimate how many videos and views we will be able to find in the system. It is also impossible to figure out the per-view revenue because it varies widely by watch time, viewer territory, platform, service type (advertising versus subscription) etc.

How long will it take before my music is live in the YouTube Content ID and FaceBook Rights Manager systems?

Once you upload and get your content ready, We generally approve them within a day. So, your content should be in the platforms in few days.
If we have issues, you will receive an email about you and your music. You can help speed-up the approval process by replying to the email with detailed answers to the questions.

Do you monetize for Facebook / Instagram?

While we currently monetize DailyMotion, YouTube and Vevo, we are able to work with and deliver fingerprints to Twitch, Facebook and Instagram for tracking purposes.
As soon as Facebook/Instagram permit monetization, we'll immediately begin collecting/monetizing these platforms for our clients.

What’s an IRSC code and do I need one?

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system used for sound recordings. ISRCs are used in digital commerce / retail by streaming and download sites (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, etc.) as well as collecting societies like SoundExchange.

If you use a digital distribution service, your distributor has most likely already assigned an ISRC to each of the recordings that you submitted / distributed with them.

Although ISRC’s is not mandatory for us, we highly recommend it, as it will make your job easy for the accounting, reporting, and monetization process.

If your music is already live in Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play Music, or Amazon Music, then including your ISRC’s may allow YouTube to place “Stream/buy this music on Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play Music and/or Amazon Music” links right below the YouTube videos that contain your music.

If you don't have a distributor and would like to distribute your music to all music DSPs, pls contact us.

Why are certain videos that use my music not showing advertisements and/or not showing up in my earnings report?

The data that appears in your reports comes directly from platforms and contains each and every video that earned $0.01 or more in any given reporting period.

If you have located a video on any platform that you know is using your music, but you do not see any earnings for it or any advertisements running before, after, over, or alongside it, first please check that you are not using an ad blocker and are not subscribed to ad free subscription service.

When I download a report of my earnings, why do certain line items show a 0% rate?

If your track or video has 0 claims and 0 earnings for the selected month, the downloadable .csv will show a 0% rate. This does not affect your earnings.

I received a copyright notification on a video on my own YouTube Channel / Facebook page. What should I do?

If you have received a email or other notice from YouTube or Facebook about a third party match / claim on a video that you uploaded to your own YouTube channel or Facebook page, this means that the YouTube Content ID system has located your own music in one of the videos on your own channel / page. You will notice that it says “EFDigital” or “Eglence Fabrikasi for a 3rd Party” - that’s noMoreMCN. These notices are sent to uploaders that have used a piece of your music in their video for the purpose of notifying them that we are doing our job; monetizing their videos on your behalf.

Unfortunately, both Rights Manager systems (YouTube’s Content ID system and Facebook’s) are unable to tell the difference between your own videos and other people’s videos. To stop receiving notices on videos uploaded to your own channel / page, please contact us via email to ask for your channel / page to be white listed from further matching. We will white list your official YouTube channel so long as your YouTube channel is directly partnered with YouTube by way of the YouTube Partner Program (and not by way of a third party MCN). Regarding past claims made on your YouTube channel for which you received notices, please click into the claim details and then please click “OK, Got it”. Please DO NOT click “Dispute!”.When you click “OK, Got it”, you’re letting us collect revenue on your behalf. Every time this video generates ad revenue, we’ll collect your share and then pay it back to you. Just click the “OK, Got it” button.

Pls tell us the name of your YouTube channel and Facebook page. If you have your own YouTube channel, you have the option to tell us its name on your account information page. We never take a %-age of your earnings on your own videos using your own music on your own official YouTube channel or Facebook page so long as such channel is partnered directly with YouTube by way of the YouTube Partner Program (and not by way of a third party MCN), so if you are a direct member of the YouTube Partner Program, we need to know your YouTube channel and/or Facebook page for white listing purposes.

How is this different from ASCAP, BMI, and other Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)?

ASCAP and BMI are for public performance royalties ONLY. Furthermore, these public performance royalties are generated by the composition (i.e. publishing / writer) side only, and NOT by the master side. 90% of the money earned from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram streams are from master side earnings (because masters not only have a better revenue share %-age, they also monetize in more territories than compositions) and in addition to the master side,Identifyy also collect and remits the synchronization and mechanical royalties (but not the public performance royalties) generated on the composition side. Identifyy’s service does NOT in anyway, conflict with ASCAP or BMI because Identifyy DOES NOT represent the public performance rights (which are handled by ASCAP and BMI) of our users for the following reasons: 1) ASCAP and BMI do this for you 2) Public performance royalties generated from online streams are minuscule when compared the the synchronization and mechanical royalties that Identifyy DOES collect and remit to our users, and 3) Identifyy collects master side earnings and ASCAP and BMI have no rights to your masters (they are composition side only societies - i.e. publishers and writers shares - and NOT master side). For every $1 in public performance royalties generated from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram streams (with such $1 being due to you by way of your PRO), there are approximately $100 in synchronization and mechanical royalties (master and composition side combined here in this example). This means that the money earned through Identifyy will be in the nature of 100x that of which you will earn from ASCAP or BMI when it comes to online streams from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The reason for this is because Identifyy collects both master AND composition side synchronization and mechanical royalties (but not public performance royalties) and these royalties are generated by both advertising and subscription (subscription being in the case of viewers watching ad-free YouTube by way of a YouTube Premium subscription, which was formerly known as YouTube Red). Furthermore, the public performance fees that are paid by YouTube to the PROs (and then onto you) are extremely small because ASCAP and BMI have structured their public performance licensing models on a “one-to-many” versus “one-to-one”broadcast basis. What this means is that if a TV network or radio station broadcasts a show using your music to an audience of 100,000 viewers / listeners, this is considered a one to 100k broadcast (one performance to 100k listeners simultaneously) and the public performance fees paid by the TV / radio broadcasters are decent in this instance. However, when it comes to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, if a video gets 100k views, these views are from 100k individual one-to-one broadcasts and while the total audience size is the same (100k in this example), the amount of licensing fees paid by YouTube for a 100k individual one-to-one streams pales in comparison to if it has been a one to 100k stream (as in the case of network and cable TV as well as terrestrial radio). The advertising and subscription revenues collected by Identifyy are part of a far greater revenue pool (when it comes to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) than the revenue pool for public performance royalties generated by these same services. The advertising and subscription revenue stream (also known as the YouTube Content ID revenue pool) was recently reported by YouTube to be in excess of $1B per year (for YouTube alone). The public performance royalties collected by ASCAP in any annual period are just over $1B in total, but this amount is from ALL sources - TV, radio, general establishments (think clubs, hotels, dance halls, bars, and restaurants), and web (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) combined. While there are no publicly available figures for the amount of public performance fees paid by YouTube to ASCAP and BMI, we estimate these amounts at not more than $10 million per year(which is 100x less than the YouTube Content ID revenue pool, which is in excess of $1B and also growing faster than the public performance licensing fees can be increased in any given period). In short, you need Identifyy IN ADDITION to your PRO, NOT in place of your PRO. Identifyy’s services in no way conflict with, or otherwise compete with, that of the PROs.
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