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Who We Work With and How?

Major UGC Platform by Google
NoMoreMCN is a YouTube Content ID certified partner. Our team brings extensive knowledge and experience monetizing small and large music catalogs. We will give you tools to gain control over which third-party videos are allowed to remain up to be monetized and which videos you’d like us to take down.
Major UGC Platform
Although not readily monetize your music yet, FB is rolling out music monetization on its platform in the near future. Eligible music creators will be able to earn income from their music when their content is used in videos uploaded by Facebook users, captured in Facebook Stories, or heard during Facebook Live broadcast.
Major UGC Platform by Facebook
Instagram is the leading source of short-format video containing live and recorded music. Soon, Instagram will allow eligible music creators to earn income when their music is used in uploaded video, stories, and live broadcast. We are working to turn on this monetization option as soon as it becomes available to independent rights owners.
Major UGC Platform run by Google
Vevo is a major video platform focused on music. NoMoreMCN is a certified partner and will monetize your content whether you have small or large music catalogs.
Major UGC Platform for Gamers
Twitch is a major gaming platform with immense UGC catalog. Although not readily monetize your music, they are getting ready to do so. We are registering your content through Twitch to be ready when the monetization works.